A new way to discover the Low Lands

Think the Netherlands, and immediately all the cliches pop up: windmills, tulips, bicycles, canal houses, Rembrandt, and the red-light district for some. And last but not least, our semi-legal cannabis culture. It is all true and certainly enjoyable to an extent.

But there is so much more to experience if you visit our flat country! You won’t be able to appreciate the Low Lands if you don’t go beyond the postcard cliches. There’s magnificent nature (20 national parks!), small medieval towns, old fortresses, prehistoric tombs and relics of the Roman Empire. Plus so much more.

And there’s its people: the notoriously direct, down-to-earth (how close can you get) but extremely friendly Dutch are a delight to interact with. But how do you get to know these somewhat reserved Dutchies, who seem always busy and in a hurry, when you are only visiting us for a couple of days?

This site aims to guide you to a more genuine experience of the Netherlands. So that you don’t feel like tourist ;-). See what the locals see, do what the locals do. Get to know them. Stay in their houses. Eat with them. Drink with them. Become friends. You may not want to go back home, or at least leave with very fond memories…

But please be patient: this site is under development. It may take a while before we have it up & running properly. Please check back regularly. And leave us a note (see email address below) if you have suggestions, questions or something interesting to tell us.